We develop products that are durable, practical and visually appealing. A mantra we worship - values we’re proud of. Nordic Design Products appeal to tastes, needs and quality.

The process begins with our national symbol as far as trees go.

Birch wood is light, but durable hardwood. The trees are cut down during the winter to make the most out of the fair colour of the birch. These trees are also known to contain betulinic acid, which has natural antiseptic properties.

The timber is then transported to local timber yards, where they are cut into planks that dry outside for 6-12 months.

Next, the birch is brought indoor to be dried down to a moisture level of 6-8 %, which is optimal for the wood to live and adapt to its new environment, such as a kitchen. This makes the product stable, strong and vibrant. The wood is then handed over to proud, local carpenters who transform the product to its highest quality.

We believe in what is real, simple and tough. From the rough Nordic climate to your kitchen counter. Our dream to create a stylish yet functional cutting board relies on sourcing the best natural materials, refine these through a suitable process and finalise it all with a focus on the best possible quality.

Bon Appétit!

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